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Women and girls, boys and men, will be inspired and emboldened to live lives in the footsteps of these heroines, who despite great challenges, chose God. I expect to turn to this beautifully illustrated and written book with my family again and again, as I pray to watch my daughter learn to live such a bold and courageous life. I look forward to sharing this book in my ministry as a resource for Biblical education, as a wellspring for empowering women in faith and in leadership, and as a tool for entering into ecumenical respect and dialogue. Thank you for this true gift.

Cara Tanis

Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The women the book profiles are not just who you’d expect (ever heard of Mahlah and her sisters? or Deborah, the judge?), but even the most familiar characters (Esther, Mary and Martha) are shown to be agents of choice in a new way. I especially like the way the questions at the end of each profile/story double as both prompts for thoughtful discussion, and as insights into the characters being profiled.
This would be a great gift to give at baptism or at the completion of the Faith in God award in Primary, as a way to honor a young woman entering or moving up in the Young Women’s program, or a missionary getting their mission call. It would also be totally appropriate as a gift book for visiting teachers, or if you’re looking for a way to say thanks to someone for their church service. I have a friend who is not LDS, who would also appreciate the thoughtful treatment of these Bible

Johanna Buchert Smith

Writer and Mother

I am beyond excited to have this book as a resource in my home. The artwork is so beautiful and sensitive. I love all these amazing examples of strong, faithful women for my daughters. I also love the questions for discussion. They are all simple and at the same time powerful, to reach a broad age group beyond children. I also enjoyed seeing more examples of women in the Bible. I will give this as a gift to other little girls in my life.

Ann Hinckley Stucki

Through salient examples of Biblical women, the book opens our daughters’ eyes to their divine importance and opportunities to make consequential choices.

Professor Camille Fronk Olson

Chair, BYU Department of Ancient Scripture

Are women voiceless in our scriptures? McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding convince us the answer is a resounding “No.” The authors have shown that, although few in number, women in the Bible made deliberate, bold choices for themselves and fulfilled their potential with God’s help. For girls and women today discovering these same powers within themselves, this book is a treasure.

Neylan McBaine

Founder, Mormon Women Project

This thoughtful and gorgeously illustrated book focuses much needed attention on the heroines of the Bible–an excellent primer for girls and boys alike.

Fiona Givens

Author, God Who Weeps

As a mother and teacher of young girls, I’ve struggled to find a resource that can powerfully and simply teach our unique LDS theology of divine femininity and the noble endowment we share as daughters of God. This book celebrates women from scripture who made difficult choices to honor higher laws in order to bless others’ lives and fulfill their own destiny. These stories are succinct and informative; the artistry is exquisite and sublime. Question-prompts with each story provide natural dialogue-triggers whereby women and girls may liken stories to themselves in Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society settings. My husband even wants to use this in his Priesthood lessons. Brava to the creators of this book that has long been wanted and needed by the world!

Tiffany Ivins Spence, PhD

Director of International Programs Community Development Network

My daughter loves to hear me tell her stories. She love hearing about the day she was born, the times she showed courage and the possibilities for her future. She also loves hearing stories of women of faith. She always asks me “Where were the girls?” Thank you for beautifully putting together the stories that I hope she will deeply and personally apply to her life. As she and my sons learn the stories of other “girls” who chose God I hope that they will see themselves through them.

Alisa Allred Mercer

This wise and lovely book teaches the girls of today that strength and moral courage go hand in hand.

Jana Riess


For Book of Mormon

Reading this powerful, impressive message of strong women from the Book of Mormon is a rich experience. The tree painted for each woman symbolizes the fruit born from choosing God. The questions posed at the end of each insightful story invites my personal reflection about my choices, my bravery, my courage, and my priorities. It is a message for every age.

Ardeth G. Kapp,

Ninth General Young Women’s President

Undaunted by the apparent absence of women in the Book of Mormon, McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding have located many good females and given voice to their stories and imagery to their faces, proving once again that women are everywhere, even when you are not noticing. The gorgeous portraits of ethnic women by Kathleen Peterson will soon be decorating the lockers and bedrooms of many LDS girls, encouraging them to Choose the Right.

Claudia L. Bushman,

author of Contemporary Mormonism

It is so exciting to see a book that highlights the stories of the women of the Book of Mormon. The stories of these amazing women have been overlooked for too long and McArthur Krishna and Bethany Spalding have done a beautiful job of bringing their stories to light. Filled with beautiful illustrations, inspired storytelling, and insightful questions for discussion this is a book I look forward to reading with my daughters– and my sons!

Heather Farrell,

author of Women in the Scriptures

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