Girls Who Choose God
Storybooks to inspire children to make bold choices

Children’s books celebrating bold women from the scriptures who made courageous choices to follow God, risk their lives for families, and work for justice in their communities. Stories of brave matriarchs, queens, prophetess, general, advocates, mothers, sisters, strangers and friends will inspire children to be a force for good in the world. These are bold, strong women who served with their might… and their contribution changed the outcome of battles, families, and whole civilizations. Wow.

How the Books Began

When Bethany’s three year old asked, “Mom– where are the girls?” as she was reading her cartoon scripture book of prophets, warriors and heroes, Bethany got motivated.
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Supporting women

In buying this book, you support educational and employment opportunities for young women around the world. All of the authors’ proceeds will be donated to Interweave Solutions.
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Ways to use the bible volume

Bedtime stories, Family nights, activity days, tools for lessons… the possibilities are endless.
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